Create an app


Note: Creation of an App is a demo flow for understanding purpose only. You cannot create a new app and use its credentials



Step 1) After your have registered and logged in, click the "Add a new app" button.





Step 2) Enter the name of your app and choose the API product you need. Refer to the API catalogue to learn more about the API products and the APIs bundled in the product. Redirect URI is the URL to which the authorize call will be redirected. The redirect URI needs to match what is entered here to return the auth code. TPP public Key is the RSA public key for the TPP required for JWS validation . TPP Id is the unique Id of a registered TPP.

Step 3) Click on "Create app." You will see the message that says "app created" and see a link to your app.



Step 4) To get client credentials and click on your app. You will also see details and traffic dashboards.



To view the analytics dashboards on traffic, errors, and other information, click on the analytics tab.