One needs to submit an account request for getting user's consent for accessing account details. It contains information like account permissions, transaction to and from date, etc. TPP gets permissions to access only those account details which was submitted in account request, and user gave consent for.


You need client_credentials access token to make this request. You can get the access token here.


All POST calls need a x-jws-signature header. Set the header by clicking "Create JWT button beside the x-jws-signature header field". This gets the payload from request body editor and creates the x-jws-signature for it.


Now you can try the API

Note the AccountRequestId in the response which will be used to obtain access token for accessing all account access APIs. /account-requests

  • Name
  • x-fapi-financial-id
    The unique id of the ASPSP to which the request is issued. The unique id will be issued by OB.
  • x-fapi-customer-last-logged-time
    The time when the PSU last logged in with the TPP.
  • x-fapi-customer-ip-address
    The PSU's IP address if the PSU is currently logged in with the TPP.
  • x-fapi-interaction-id
    An RFC4122 UID used as a correlation id.
  • Authorization
    An Authorisation Token as per
  • x-jws-signature
    Header containig a detached JWS signature of the body of the payload.
  • Content-Type
    Content type of the payload.

Body Parameters

Name Values Description

Request Body

Create an Account Request

Basic Auth

OAuth 2.0

Custom Token


Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.

Resource Summary


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Sample Error Messages & Error Codes.

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